Call for Paper


Call for Papers

8th China Goes Global Conference

August 19-21, 2014

Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China

2014 CGG Call for Papers Shanghai

The conferences’ topics are

  • China-specific and existing theories to explain globalization of Chinese enterprises
  • Region specific topics: Chindia, China & Asia; Africa; Americas; Europe; Australia, and resting part of BRICs; EU-China / USA-China trade and investment
  • China and political transformation, institutional change, and international organizations
  • Government procurement and negotiations with China
  • China’s State Capitalism and the Crisis of Western Liberal Capitalism
  • Business-government relations in China’s globalization
  • Chinese government policies and enterprise globalization
  • Chinas geopolitical role and policies towards acquisition of natural and strategic resources
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds and international capital movement
  • The impact of Chinese firms on global politics and economics
  • OFDI of Chinese companies in Europe/Asia/Americas/Africa/Australia/resting part of BRICs
  • Trade policies and flows with Europe/Asia/Americas/Africa/Australia/ resting part of BRICs
  • The role of ownership & corporate governance in globalization of Chinese companies
  • Managing and organizing in Chinese companies/subsidiaries abroad
  • China’s globalization and corporate social responsibility
  • Product safety, environmental and labor issues, and Intellectual Property
  • Trust, reputation and culture in China-business relation
  • Innovation, Techno-entrepreneurship, e-commerce, online development
  • Marketing and Chinese Brands
  • China’s human resources development; Chinese Global Entrepreneurs