Call for Paper

Call for Papers

9th China Goes Global Conference

October 1-3, 2015

Georgia Tech (CIBER), Atlanta, USA


On October 7, 2014, the International Monetary Fund announced that China had surpassed the United States as the world’s largest economy, a distinction held by the US since 1873 when it overtook Great Britain. This global phenomenon is not well understood and is fraught with opportunities and challenges. In 2012, China became one of the largest global investors, according to the joint statistic report by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Bureau of Statistics, and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in China. Outward FDI amounted to USD 87.8 billion. At the end of 2012, 16,000 Chinese investors had set up nearly 22,000 overseas enterprises in 179 countries and regions. Despite the impressive growth in foreign direct investment flows from China, the stock of foreign investment held by Chinese investors, compared to the size of the Chinese economy and
the size of the total world investment, is still relatively small. This means that the growth of outward foreign direct investment from China is likely to continue its turbo-charged acceleration.

Many questions arise with the rise of China and its transnational companies, both state owned and private. What are the motivations of Chinese state owned enterprises? How are different firm configurations and industries internationalizing? What role will Chinese firms and government play in the future value added chain of production and consumption? How will the rise of China affect bi-lateral and multi-lateral international relations? How will institutions evolve in response to changing governance, nationally and internationally? The answers to these questions and others can be can be derived from different analytical views, including Economics, Political Science, International Business, Sociology and Public Policy. Research is also sought from the various business disciplines: finance, marketing, management, etc. We invite multi-disciplinary outlooks and analyses of the globalization of China.

It is worth to highlight three distinctive features of annual conference and, specifically, the forthcoming 9th annual conference of China goes Global. First, the conference is developmental in nature and we invite collaboration, constructive feedback, panel discussions, and mentoring. Best papers are also given the chance to be published in the International Journal of Emerging Markets, a scopus ranked journal by Emerald. The conference will have both posters and competitive papers to accommodate papers with different levels of development. Second, we have fun. In addition to insightful paper, the conference also includes a performance, reception, company visit, and great people. Finally, the conference is always accented with world re-known keynoters from the academe and business. For a list of previous keynoters, please see:

The conferences’ topics are

  • Testing the limits of Western-centric theories in the context of China’s globalization
  • Development of new Chinese-centric and indigenous theories
  • The rise of the emerging markets multinationals
  • Comparison of China with other emerging markets
  • Chinese engagement in India, Asia, America, Australian, Latin America, and other regions
  • Impact of Chinese foreign direct investment
  • The role of governance in shaping the going out policy and its impact of internationalization
  • Chinese state capitalism and alternative economic systems
  • Explanations of Chinese flows of people, goods, ideas and money
  • Sustainable development and corporate governance models in China
  • Global supply chain/logistics issues